Information Technology

JMark provides technical services in various facets of information technology to several federal and defense agencies, such as:  The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA): the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA); DOD Director of Research and Engineering (DDRE), Air Force Material Command (AFMC), and for AFMC’s B-1/B-52 Aircraft System Program Office.

We leverage IT for a variety of mission purposes from mining big data to find valuable information to the fusion of technology with advanced human cognition.  Our tasks in this area span the breadth of data analytics, ISR Data exploitation and data mining, to massive logistics data base support, and integrated avionics software testing. Our people offer subject matter expertise in operationalizing systems from inception to fully operational capability, providing the right mix of skills from system and information assurance engineers, to maintenance administrators, test managers and training staff.

We provide vital support to the Air Force bomber inventory management through depot scheduling and logistics through innovative IT tools.   That’s not all – JMark has various IT experience from IT administration and help desk functions, to software testing and validation, integrated testing, and penetration testing of enterprise level software before it is implemented on DoD systems.