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JMark Services Inc. delivers innovative and creative solutions to U.S. intelligence, defense, homeland security, and cybersecurity communities and their international partners through cutting-edge education, training, security, research, and analysis programs. We fuse higher-order cognitive skills and advanced information technologies to transform individual, organizational, and mission capabilities.

Announcing OCTANE

JMark has designed OCTANE, or Online Critical Thinking and Analysis Environment, a dynamic, interactive web portal that builds and boosts advanced critical thinking and analytic skills across the entire U.S. Air Force ISR enterprise.

Our Global Reach

JMark Services develops, deploys, and delivers a full array of intelligence and security training programs to our nation’s international partners across the globe, from Europe to the Middle East to Southeast Asia.

JMark's Flagship Course

Information Environment Advanced Analysis is JMark’s flagship joint-accredited course. IEAA equips analysts, planners, and operators with the skills to anticipate, seize, and sustain the initiative in the information environment (IE).