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Global Competition Information Advantage Operations (GCIAO)

Course Overview:  Global Competition Information Advantage Operations (GCIAO) explores Signature Management, Digital Dust, and Operational Security in the GIE, helping operational units to plan, manage, and mitigate digital signature risks associated with all phases of operations. The GCIAO Course emphasizes topics including understanding the Global Information Environment (GIE); achieving relative Information Advantage (IA) in the competition continuum; the Information Environment (IE) hierarchy of effort; Critical Thinking; the “Struggle of Narratives”; our competitors’ and adversaries’ approaches to competition and the GIE; General Systems Theory; leveraging the IE to support Center of Gravity Analysis & Course of Action Development; and using Red Teaming, Pre-Mortems and Wargaming to contribute to IA leading to decision dominance.

Course Length: 40 hours (5 days)

Class Size: Minimum: 12. Maximum: 36

Measurement: Participate in and complete a series of vignettes and practical exercises.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO or Worldwide

GCIAO is Coming Soon!

To learn more about GCIAO please contact Stuart Purves at stuart.purves@jmarkservices.com. For details on how to host or attend a course, please contact Bob Reehoorn at bob.reehoorn@jmarkservices.com.

Course Details

  • GCIAO is a five-day (40-hour) course consisting of tailored readings and a programmed syllabus of contemporary lessons, Socratic learning and mentor-guided small-group activities. It immerses junior to mid-level military members, government civilians, and policy advisors in an environment replete with the complexities and challenges of the ongoing global competition between states and significant non-state actors.
  • The course equips planners and operators with approaches, tools, and habits of mind for assessing and understanding information effects when operating in the digitally driven, complex and ever- evolving daily information environment. This includes planning, managing, and mitigating digital signature risks associated with all phases of operations.
  • GCIAO focuses students on the importance of considering, assessing and applying information effects in the planning and execution of combined joint operations at the operational and tactical level, across the competition continuum, with an emphasis on gaining information advantage in operations in a competition environment below armed conflict.
  • Course participants will develop a greater understanding of the elements required to gain relative information advantage over a competitor or adversary, to influence their decisions and contribute to mission success at the operational and tactical levels while engaging in effective signature management and OPSEC.
  • This course is distinct from the 10-day Information Environment Advanced Analysis (IEAA) Course and not a substitute for it, but its contents will be useful for anyone who subsequently takes the IEAA course.

We Can Help ...

If your unit/organization desires to host and fund a GCIAO course, we will help you with your registration needs, pre course logistics and overall management or facilitation of hosing a course. We can also work with you to secure a contracting solution so your unit funds will be efficiently put to work to execute a course.