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Analysis and Planning

Advanced Analytic Support to the Warfighter

JMark has vast experience providing intelligence analyst services to military services, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement agencies.  This is our wheelhouse when it comes to capability.  We provide analytic teams to U.S. Central Command, U.S. Indo-Pacific Command, the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (OUSD(I)), DOD Director of Research and Engineering (DDRE), Air Combat Command, and the Los Angeles Police Department. Our analysts are experts in applying technical tools to dive deep into large, disparate data sets, using critical thinking and analytic tradecraft to produce timely, relevant, and accurate analytic products across a wide variety of end-users including force protection, insider threat, counterintelligence, counter-terrorism, and combat operations in air, space, maritime, land, and cyber domains.

Insider Threat Policy and Strategy

JMark senior analysts provide direct support to the Security Policy and Oversight Directorate of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, where they assist in the development of new and/or improved policy and other strategic security and Insider Threat (InT) initiatives for review and approval by the OUSD(I) leadership, the Defense Security Enterprise (DSE), or DoD Insider Threat Program governance structures. Our JMark analytic team provides advanced subject matter expertise in the Directorate’s information technology portfolio, DSE strategy development, and InT program and budget analysis.

Analytic Support to Special Operations

Our highly experienced JMark staff deliver the leading subject matter advisory support and analyses to OUSD(I) in DOD intelligence and intelligence-related activities.  These involves ongoing awareness and planning support for sensitive operations, cover, and clandestine reporting activities. They apply their advanced expertise in analysis, requirements, strategy formulation, concept development, and program analysis and evaluation. Working multiple roles for this office and its constantly evolving demands, our team members provide:

  • Specialized intelligence and compartmented special operations expertise and direct counsel to senior-level clients
  • Day-to-day policy analysis and expertise in support of DoD sensitive special operations
  • Technical expertise for the conduct of assessments, including strategic perspectives on operational requirements, risk thresholds, and planning and execution
  • Assessment Reports and analysis products to Congress and DOD executives


Planning, Program, and Policy Support – MILDEC and OPSEC

JMark provides military deception (MILDEC) and operations security (OPSEC) planning support for OUSD(I).  We also provide policy and program analysis for this office at key unified combatant commands. Our senior planners and analysts deliver consultation support and expertise in developing and coordinating positions, plans, and policies related to MILDEC and OPSEC. Areas of emphasis include intelligence, missile defense, arms control, space control, acquisition, electronic warfare, and training.