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Education and Training

A Leader and Innovator in Education and Training

Education and Training is a hallmark of JMark as we have deep and extensive experience across the intelligence training enterprise.  Our team of instructors have been highlighted by Commanders at all levels, peers, and inspectors as being the top of the class in terms of knowledge, instructor skill, agility, and the ability to control, connect, and interact with a classroom full of emerging intelligence professionals. We do this through our innovative and creative solutions to engage with students from all backgrounds around the globe. Our instructors are experts and certified in every block of instruction for this course and they develop, create, prepare, and execute the critical capstone exercises that cement the knowledge from the classroom to the application level.

Information Environment Advanced Analysis

JMark fully developed and currently delivers the Information Environment Advanced Analysis (IEAA) course around the globe.  This education program is sponsored by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (OUSD/I).  The JMark team delivers these advanced courses at multiple sites throughout the U.S. and overseas to Joint and service-specific organizations customers, along our foreign partners in the Canadian Armed Forces, the Australian Defence Force and the British Armed Forces.

Our IEAA courses equip students working in joint operating settings with concepts, techniques, and constructs that will enable them to anticipate, seize, and sustain the initiative in the information environment.  Course graduates from the operational and intelligence communities will be able to characterize, forecast, target, wargame, and assess the information environment in support of a joint force commander’s decision-making process.

OCTANE – Online Critical Thinking and Analysis Environment

JMark’s development team built a cutting-edge online learning experience for Air Force intelligence professionals through a dynamic web portal with one-stop access to training courses, games, simulations, and mentor networks for more than 10,000 practitioners in the U.S. Intelligence Community. This web learning portal – called OCTANE or Online Critical Thinking and Analysis Environment – offers a highly-interactive learning environment for improving critical thinking across the entire national intelligence enterprise. The OCTANE portal tools and training elements include:

  • An analyst/mentor network
  • Stimulating daily analytic challenges based on real-world scenarios
  • The largest online collection of analytic websites, courses, readings, and videos
  • Downloadable apps for interactive learning on a wide-range of analytic topics
  • A competitive, challenging game on intelligence tradecraft for mobile devices
  • A series of gaming simulations in futuristic settings that reinforce analytical thinking

Training our International Partners

JMark designs and conducts tailored information operations, intelligence, and security courses to multiple international partners. Our global reach in support of those foreign partners spans more than ten nations across five continents. JMark teaching teams deliver these courses at JMark’s own training center in Colorado Springs, CO, at various locations across the USA, and at foreign partner facilities overseas.