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Law Enforcement Programs

JMark serves our law enforcement clients by applying our information operations and international intelligence operations experience to assess the ever-evolving threat landscape more effectively. We achieve identifying and prioritize integrated threats for law enforcement to mitigate with innovative tools, and the means and technology to collect, fuse and analyze data. In pursuit of the same goals, our world-leading information is essential for dealing with the dynamics of current transnational crime. In this way we provide solutions to identify threats in today’s highly globalized and interconnected world that convert from individuals into large international networks.

Course Offerings

Our Law Enforcement team lead, Dan Storey, has taught these courses around the world, and represents a true Subject Matter Expect on these topics, attained by his three decades working in the FBI and with our international partners.

International Organized Crime Across the Globe:
Discussed in this course is the global effect of international organized crime on your country.  The trafficking of illegal narcotics, money laundering, corruption, movement of illegal aliens, false documentation, fraud, homicides, and their effects on your society,  legal system, and police forces are discussed with relevancy to the specific region we are teaching in.

Infiltrating Criminal Sub-Cultures Unfamiliar to Your Specific Region:
Discussed in this course are methodologies used to understand a sub-culture that has taken hold in your specific region that the country is not familiar with, to include language barriers. Further discussed are infiltration techniques to include specific source development and the determination of hierarchy in the criminal organization.

Sensitive Site Exploitation
This training focuses on developing and executing plans to collect both intelligence and prosecutable evidence in an efficient, methodical, and secure manner. Designed for semi-permissive environments, it encompasses all key elements of a successful operation, from pre-op planning, intelligence, and security, to identifying (marking) items of value, recording time/location of recovery, and the proper custody and control to ensure full exploitation. It is noteworthy that each course is prepared based upon the research and full understanding of the host nation’s legal system, and the authorities of each participating agency.

Insider Threat
This training focuses on the threat of “insider” theft and sabotage in the private, public, and governmental sectors. Data systems and the internet have created a fertile hunting ground for bad actors. What motivates people with access to steal or destroy highly sensitive and valuable information, how can they be spotted, and how can the “damage” be mitigated. How effective are AI systems at defending against this threat? There is no training more timely or critical than INSIDER THREAT.

This training focuses on methods for the development of intelligence in your AOR. Includes the intelligence cycle and the collection, analysis, production, and dissemination factors of a successful intelligence program.