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About Jmark

Knowledge Driven | Solution Focused

JMark is focused on the security of our nation – now and for the future. We challenge traditions to go after new solutions; we don’t limit ourselves to a small business weight class in pursuit of meeting demands. We drive information operations advances in education, critical thinking, analysis, and future developments to impact operations in support of national defense and security partnership around the globe.

We are proud of the excellent reputation we have earned from our customers and partners, who recognize our commitment to deliver on the mark to meet their needs.  We are focused on relationship building, so together we can bring real impact in the most effective ways possible.

Education and Training

Education and Training is a hallmark of JMark as we have deep and extensive experience across the intelligence training enterprise.

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Analysis and Planning

JMark has vast experience providing intelligence analyst services to military services, intelligence agencies, and law enforcement (LE) agencies.

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Information Technology

We provide vital support to Air Force bomber inventory management through depot scheduling and logistics using innovative IT tools.

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Global Reach

Our training teams have supported our allies and coalition partners around the globe either full time or as mobile training teams.

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We deliver experts in their field.

We believe fully that our people are the reason for our ongoing success – they represent the competitive advantage. We are committed to developing their skills, building effective teams, and empowering our people to apply their expertise with freedom and zeal. This passion and latitude have brought great results to our clients around the globe.

Our Services

What We Deliver

Advanced Framework

We have a framework that adapts to any market with whatever mission.

Critical Analysis

We solve complex problems in today’s relevant situations.

Relevant Education

We have hands-on application tasks to real world, hard, complex problems.

Published Articles

We are involved in the academic world with presence in over 70 publications.

Joint Certified

Our courses provide 3 credit hours and bring value to your personnel record.

Advanced Academic Degrees

Our team members have advanced degrees relative to the mission.

Information Environment Advanced Analysis Course (IEAA)

At JMark we’re committed to achieving business success while leaving a positive imprint on tomorrow’s leaders through education – delivering Performance with Purpose. Our flagship Course, IEAA, is a superb example of this as it provides a true educational course where participants study the information environment in depth, while engaging in inspiring conversations they will never forget. This course is the beginning of a whole new journey in critical thinking. It takes a holistic approach to creating solutions for decision makers and leaders that they will use for the rest of their careers. The lessons are conveyed with passion and high education standards where our course Mentors help student ask the right questions and discover the answers for themselves. We constantly strive to fine tune our approach – to be creative, never routine – and always use timely, real-world practical exercises to apply information operations courses of action toward solving tomorrow’s issues.

The high-energy IEAA course is conducted in a Socratic learning environment and directly addresses the May 2019 CJCS directive to “incorporate globally integrated operations in the information environment into the JPME curriculum.” This two-week, 80-hour, graduate-level education program has been Joint Certified since 2012 by JS/J8 and J39.

  • Over 2,300 graduates with representatives from all Services and 4 allied partner nations.
  • Only DoD course focused specifically on the seventh Joint Function: Information.
  • Only Joint Certified course integrating information across all war-fighting domains.
  • Analysts, planners, and operators work interactively to address the complex, information-heavy problems currently facing today’s policymakers and commanders.
  • IEAA is an indispensable course for all Joint and Service HQs, IO / IW commands.

Superior Professional Expertise

At JMark we pride ourselves on thought leadership and the deep operations expertise of our senior staff – our superior course mentors and cadre of educational professionals all attest to this fact.  We comprise over 150 years of ISR experience and academic enrichment experience in just our senior staff.  Our team has theater expertise around the globe, DoD executive-level analysis experience, senior knowledge management skills, data science expertise, and a training staff who have executed courses in more than 20 countries. This rich team of talent and in-depth operational savvy reflects the people we have been fortunate to have on our team.  We are proud of the subject matter experts supporting theater operations, senior analysts supporting special programs and developmental programs for OSD, and senior technology experts impacting major weapons systems logistical programs. This superb cadre has continued to build upon itself and reach higher levels of achievement for the past 10 years.

We are humbled to know the high standards we set for the people we maintain on staff only continues to increase our level of superior delivery to our customers. We strive to work together in an environment of trust and cooperation to reach our shared objectives.

Support to our Allies

JMark contributes to our nation’s security by conducting world class education programs and international exchange forums.  These ongoing deployments, major events, and layers of coordination are backed by our proven global logistical support. We are fortunate to be building security partnerships with many allied nations throughout the world – from North America and NATO nations, to the Pacific Rim and Southeast Asia. JMark has positively impacted cooperative security and mission effectiveness through our delivery of training courses and training materials to over 20 allied nations. These many deployments and international venues provide great educational opportunities and we take great pride in knowing the JMark Team’s quality representation of our nation has created lasting relationships and stronger bonds with our allied partners.

Advanced Analysis

ISR mission management involving collection tasking, collection assessments, and complex multi-layered reporting is a high profile and demanding mission in any region of the world.  Doing this across the vast Pacific Rim and Indian Ocean regions is an immense challenge our JMark Team meets daily for the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command’s Joint Intelligence Operations Center.  Our teams in various locations integrate and synchronize intelligence, plans, and operations – providing technical assessments, analysis, and tested solutions to complex collection management challenges. We also provide advanced analysis for two directorates in OSD. For the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence we deliver analysis products and support for numerous special programs, OPSEC programs, major operations analysis, HUMINT analysis, and ongoing analytical reports for Congress. For the Director of Research and Engineering (DDRE) we support ongoing analysis programs, technology assessments, and senior working groups focused on future developments, advanced research, and priority investment plans.

Advanced Education

JMark offers a variety of rigorous academic programs through online courses, mobile training teams, and advanced education forums. Our offerings aim to provide students the means to integrate today’s intelligence, plans, and operational processes into the information environment to create combined effects solutions.  We offer a full spectrum of tailored education programs, leveraging creative approaches to learning both in virtual and traditional settings. Our catalogue offers lessons on topics from Characterizing the Information Environment to ISR Fundamentals and Open Source Exploitation.  We design scenarios to drive real-world practical exercises, challenging students with open-ended, complex problem sets.

JMark’s core foundation is education with the aim of expanding the critical thinking and decision-making skills of intelligence, operations, and planning professionals. The evolving curriculum and courses we offer allow our customers to expand their understanding and equip them with the tools they need to enhance their effectiveness.  They provide the means to apply analytical theories of information operations into real world link analysis, problem set decomposition, situational characterization, and forecasting to shape the possibilities of combined effects.  We do this to bolster our national security by solidly preparing leaders and decision makers with these real world, practical educational offerings.

International Center for Security and Leadership (ICSL)

The Center offers a place to learn and to connect with thought leaders who cultivate a broad-knowledge approach to manage uncertainty in a complex, competitive world.  The Center is committed to developing a deep understanding of the contemporary security and information environment through active learning, innovative research, publishing and networking, and advanced analysis. It also features an advanced learning center with an inspiring view of Pikes Peak and is supported by facilitators and staff tailorable to meet your education and training needs.  Established in Colorado Springs with a global virtual presence, the ICSL’s commitment to learning has enhanced communities of defense and security professionals around the globe.  Serving as a medium of learning and leadership development, the ICSL also pursues a variety of problem solving projects in virtual reality, strategic planning, critical thinking, cyber operations design, advanced data analytics, and machine learning.  Ongoing studies, blogs, reports, and technology developments work collaboratively to couple cognitive skills with information science in order to mine solutions.

Senior Leaders Information Environment Course (SLIEC)

This dynamic two-and-a-half day course provides senior leaders with a deeper understanding of the Information Environment (IE) by assessing various combinations of kinetic and non-kinetic activities to achieve desired results. The course integrates strategic priorities and objectives of an information campaign to create the synergy of combined effects. Participants combine educational sessions and theory with hands-on activities that pull together intelligence, plans, and operations with assessments, designs, and wargaming. This educational forum enhances senior leaders’ understanding of key IE concepts, while also equipping them with approaches, tools, and habits of mind to promote their organizations’ ability to operate effectively in the IE.

Our Why:  Winning the Information War.

We deliver superior customer experience across the globe by applying top technologies and talent to deliver the highest quality performance