Supporting our Vets! JMark Unveils New Transition Solutions Program For Veterans.

JMark is excited to announce the prized addition of Ms. Kimberly Hessler and Mr. Abe Thompson to our training cadre team.  Kim and Abe are nationally recognized for their success in cybersecurity technical training, career development, and placement assistance for thousands of veterans, who have praised their powerful approach and results. Our JMark family is deeply committed to our service members, and by introducing our new Cybersecurity Executive Fellowship (CEF) , along with Kimberly and Abe’s proven training approach, we are able to offer superior mentoring to help veterans navigate the difficult transition into the civilian market.

Providing technical training to enhance technical skills is just a part of the transition solution, especially when entering a competitive field and work environment.  With the dynamic JMark CEF Fellowship, our participants receive the added values of mentoring and coaching from highly experienced advisors assisting with professional development and employment preparation, making our veterans ready for today’s competitive work environments.  This program offers all the keys for success in taking the next step in their new careers. JMark has creatively designed an exceptional training forum that is tailored specifically for veterans to make their transition into the civilian work force smooth, marketable, and competitive.