JMark employee Terry Wakelee retires after nearly 50 years of service to his country

After nearly 50 years of dedicated service to his country in various roles, ranks, organizations and services, Terry Wakelee is retiring this week.  Terry has been a tremendous JMark team member these past few years, helping launch and fortify our ongoing mission support to the Bomber Division at the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center.  Long before he joined JMark, Terry served his nation in both the Army and the Air Force Reserves – 4 years with the Army and then 25 years with the Reserves, to include a 6 month deployment during Desert Storm.  At the same time, he began working at Tinker AFB continuing his contributions to the AF mission with various defense industry firms. Terry’s logistical expertise and planning savvy resulted in substantial improvements in moving materials faster to better support our troops around the globe.

Interestingly, Terry is the third generation of Wakelees to work at Tinker, starting with his grandfather during WWII. His father joining the Tinker team after the War, and Terry started there in the 80s.  Add on his nephew and his son working at Tinker and you have 4 generations of Wakelees supporting the mission.  Terry has applied his breadth of skills and experience with various companies supporting global communications, network security, AF weapons systems, and then information technology for the B-1/B-52 Bomber Division.  For this final organization Terry’s leadership and vision directly impacted the efficiencies and overall depot processes contributing to greater operational readiness across the bomber fleet.

While his retirement is our loss, it is a greatly deserved achievement for him.  From all of us at JMark – Godspeed Terry because we know you are only retiring from work, but not from more great adventures in life!