JMark Emotional Intelligence Training continues to benefit our Defense clients, Commercial customers and Allied partners

Imbedded throughout JMark’s leadership and advanced analysis courses are the disciplines of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and behavioral analysis. When emotions run high, they change the way our brains function, diminish our cognitive abilities, challenge our decision-making powers, and diminish our interpersonal skills.

JMark Services builds interactive strategies and tailored courseware specific to the challenges of business enterprises.  We build integrated, positive programs with training, assessments, and coaching based on neuroscience for real change.  We translate the science behind managing emotions in teaching people the skills to elevate themselves to improve both their workplace and personal lives.  Science clearly shows that EI is trans-cultural, so JMark has been engaging friends and allies around the globe to create an information environment that serves to establish the best of self.

Whether you are an individual contributor or manage a team, we believe people make the greatest positive impact when they show up to be the best they can be!

“Our clients see and experience an engaged work force teaming together that results in higher productivity, talent retention, a more agile workplace culture, and higher engagement and confidence levels.”