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Department of Commerce recognizes JMark with an Export Achievement Award

JMark Services was honored to receive a Department of Commerce Export Achievement Certificate this past week for our team’s efforts in contributing significantly to growing the export of our specialized services.  JMark earned this award for their outstanding contribution to U.S. exports and contributing to the worldwide demand for specialized “Made in the USA” goods and services.  In presenting this award, the DoC recognized the operational support, training programs, and ongoing advanced education courses JMark has delivered to over 20 foreign partner nations.  Mr. Joe Hanley, National Director for Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration along with Molly Ho,  one of the Department’s local International Trade Specialist and team leader presented this award to COO Bob Reehoorn, representing the entire JMark team.  JMark works with Ms. Ho and Ms. Suzette Nickle – Denver-based trade specialists with the Department’s Commercial Services directorate – who provide insight and counseling on international markets.  They also facilitated meetings and engagements for JMark with many of the hundreds of trade representatives at U.S. Embassies around the globe. From Australia to Finland and Canada to Thailand, JMark is a small business with a large global footprint. JMark is grateful to the Denver Commercial Services Team and their colleagues abroad who have assisted JMark, and we look forward to continued success together in the future.