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Nomination and Authorization to Attend IEAA

Background: The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (OUSD(I)) sponsors the Information Environment Advanced Analysis (IEAA) Course, which is open to Military and Civilian members. The IEAA course provides the educational framework to enhance the capability to determine the conditions within the IE directly related to a Commander’s desired effects.

Attendance at the IEAA is by selection. Consideration is given by the IEAA Selection Committee to those Military and Civilian personnel directly supporting a Commander’s understanding, shaping, and assessment of the IE. Candidates are selected based on information in their applications, including education and experience. Notification of selection typically occurs 30 days prior to the start of each course. Deadlines posted are firm. This document is the vehicle by which Commanders nominate personnel for IEAA selection in conjunction with the application submission.

Responsibilities: While IEAA is sponsored by OUSD(I), costs for travel and TDY are the responsibility of the unit or agency. Deadline for nominations and applications to attend the IEAA is 30 days prior to the start of the course. This is posted on both the IEAA information portals and application. Organizations are permitted to rescind nominations up until the posted deadline with no consequence. Once a nominee is selected and the organization accepts the selection status, the organization is obligated to procure funding for TDY if required. If the organization is unable to procure funding or determines the selected nominee cannot attend, the organization must notify OUSD(I) immediately with a written justification no later than two weeks prior to the start of the course for OUSD(I) to select an alternate, or for the organization to nominate a suitable, qualified replacement. The goal is to avoid lost costs to the government.

Nomination Agreement

  • I confirm that if my nominee is selected to attend IEAA, my organization is able to, and is responsible to provide funding to support the nominee to include labor, travel, and lodging expenses.

    I understand that OUSD(I) sponsors the IEAA course at a per student cost up to $5,500. Therefore, I will ensure that, if selected, my nominee will matriculate, and funding for attendance is secured in advance.

    By digitally signing this document, I certify that the nominee is authorized to attend the IEAA Course and has secured funding to attend. I also understand that I am responsible for notifying OUSD(I) with valid and proper justification if nominee is unable to attend the course after being selected, and my organization may be responsible for potential lost costs to OUSD(I).
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