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JMark is proud to be an authorized reseller for Cyabra, an advanced social analytics platform that protects organizations from disinformation in today’s evolving digital world.


Cyabra measures authenticity and impact within online conversations, detects false information and its authors, and further analyzes it to connect the dots.  The platform’s powerful lens offers customers the ability to understand narratives, discover trends and reach true audiences. Founded by a team of leading information warfare experts, Cyabra reverse engineers the technology of bad actors and studies online media trends, helping customers keep a pulse on online conversations and counter disinformation.  Cyabra is the first to offer a combination of social sentiment analysis with deepfake and disinformation detection in one SaaS platform.

Cyabra’s platform currently offers the following services:

♦  Identification of behavioral patterns typical of fakes profiles such as bots, trolls, and sock puppets

♦  Real-time social media sentiment analysis

♦  Foreign language auto-translation functionality

♦  Detection of Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), more commonly known as deep fakes, a class of machine learning bad actors used to create realistic images and videos

♦  Tracking and analysis of the dissemination of information, measuring how it spreads and creates snowball effects

♦  Automated reporting

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